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What’s So Funny About…

What’s So Funny About… Book Series

What's So Funny About...Book SeriesA diabetic, an epileptic, and an asthmatic walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “Hey, what is this? Some kind of joke?!” Chronic illness is no joke… over 133 million Americans (that’s 1 in 2 adults) have at least one chronic illness. Seven out of 10 deaths in America are due to chronic illnesses. Chronic diseases are among the most costly—and preventable—of all health problems in the US. Chronic illnesses cost the country more than $1 trillion a year and according to a recent study this figure could jump to a whopping $6 trillion by 2050 unless people take steps to improve their health.

If we are to positively affect global health we must start taking new and innovative approaches. We’ve heard since Biblical times that laughter is the best medicine. Research is finally beginning to support what we’ve suspected all along. Humor and laughter really are beneficial—physically, psychologically, socially and even spiritually. So while chronic illness is no joke, it can be laughing matter. Thus the birth of the What’s So Funny About…? book series.

Through this book series Karyn Buxman shares how humor and laughter, when practiced proactively and strategically, can truly make a positive impact on one’s health. Karyn’s mission is to improve global health through humor and laughter. Thanks for participating. Together we can make a difference!


What’s So Funny About…Nursing?

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Now available in print and Kindle editions, What’s So Funny About Nursing is an excellent, insightful guide that teaches nurses how to incorporate the healing power of humor into their lives. Achieve better life/work balance! Connect more effectively with your patients! Discover the secret to not strangling the surgeon, even when he really, really deserves it!

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