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It’s Always Something

Survivors and Support Groups: Keynote or Breakout
“You’ve got cancer.” Three words that strike fear in people’s hearts and conjure up concerns of chemo, radiation, surgery, pain, nausea, stress, anxiety and fatigue—not to mention hair loss. And as (comedienne and cancer patient) Gilda Radner would say, “It’s always something.” Cancer survivors and their care givers need lots of tools in their arsenal to fight cancer—and humor is a surprisingly powerful tool. Speaker, humor researcher, nurse and cancer-survivor’s-Mom Karyn Buxman will teach you how to twist your perceptions, play with your pain, and experience the gifts of humor and laughter.

People Driving You Crazy

Motivational keynote speaker Karyn Buxman entertains and inspires audiences with her funny story about personality types in the workplace. A highly sought keynote speaker, Karyn Buxman should be your #1 choice for opening or closing your next meeting or convention.

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