Karyn Buxman

Pre-Program Questionnaire

Thank you very much for helping me make this a presentation that your attendees won’t forget! Your answers to these questions will allow me to customize my message for your audience and their specific needs. Please include answers of any length as this will help me understand your organization better. If you wish to download a PDF of this form please click here.

Be sure to allow enough time to fill this out in its entirety. Please submit this questionnaire at least 6 weeks prior to your event.

Please send a copy of all memos, programs announcements, brochures, and other promotional materials relating to this presentation. In addition, any annual reports, company newsletters/papers/flyers, or key product brochures would be appreciated. Please send all information to 1465 C Street, #3318, San Diego, CA  92101. You may also email me the information if that works better for you.

I look forward to meeting you soon.  Thank you!


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