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Live, Laugh, Learn

Once upon a time, I locked my keys in the car:

Life is funny sometimes – especially when we choose to cultivate a worldview that allows us to appreciate the absurd elements that make up our everyday existence. Viewing the world through a humorous lens gives us so many benefits. All of us learn from our experiences – eventually! – but when we find the humor in those lessons, we tell other people. Our knowledge is shared with others. They get the benefit of the lesson without having to go through the learning experience for themselves.

Trust me – this is good news for humanity! Imagine if we couldn’t learn from each other. Why, you might wind up with a world where people experience needless pain and suffering; where they’d feel isolated and alone; where caregivers just couldn’t connect effectively with their patients…oh, wait.

The world we’re in is a world we can change. I invite you to join me on the Evolving Consciousness Healthcare Cruise this November to find out how. I’ll be performing with Dr. Norm Shealy, Jean Watson, and other leading thinkers in the Holistic Healthcare movement. You’ll love this cruise: it’s great living, on a beautiful ship through the Carbbean; there will be lots of laughter, and most of all, you’ll learn so much that you can use to transform your life, your professional practice, and the people you interact with every day.

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